About the Creator

By day, I’m a data scientist.

By night (and lately also by day), I’m the mom of boys aged 8 and 12.

Despite my 20 kid-years of parenting experience, I routinely feel more competent at work than at home. I do some parenting things well, but that still leaves so many parenting things that are struggles. I want to do my best for my kids (and survive their childhoods with my sanity intact), so I’m always looking for ways to make parenting easier and more effective.

Sometimes, I have a parenting victory 🎉 This could be a deep insight into my kids, or something more mundane. The insights are the art and reward of parenting – everything else I just want to solve as efficiently as possible.

A few years ago I found a solution to allowance. This came after several time-consuming false starts, leaving me wondering “Why was this so hard?” and “What other great solutions are there that I just don’t know about?”. This was the start of my thinking that there need to be more good tools that serve parents and I need help finding the ones that are already out there.

Why I started this project

  • To help parents (especially me!) find good tools that make parenting easier and better
  • As an aspiring entrepreneur, I want to discover where there are gaps in what’s available to parents that I might be able to fill